Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcomed home

I was away for a month- a bit of work, a bit of visiting family. I got back on a foggy damp day. In the evening, the Himalayas welcomed me home with a spectacular show.Viewing the mountains is extremely rare in the monsoon. And to have it accompanied by unearthly golden light and brooding clouds is truly a gift. I am a lucky woman, I thought.

But this was not the best welcome.

I came in to Sonapani, instead of our home in Chatola. Mian's students are here, and so my wee household had moved here lock, stock and barrel when I was away. When I arrived, they were both busy with important things- Mian was meeting with his students, Shona B was showing her best friend who's boss.

I'll go and rest, I told them, come down when you are free. I turned and started to go down the steps. A noise made me turn around. There they were, my family. Students and play ignored, walking down the steps single-file behind me.

I am an incredibly lucky woman.