Saturday, January 10, 2009


here are links to some posts you might like:

In Dehradun: places to visit in Dehra, and tales of the people I have met here.
Places to eat: One of the most important issues to be resolved when one visits a new place, and also a question I am asked frequently. This is a list of my favourite places to grab a bite or two- and to make life easier each place is classified depending  on whether you can take your mum there or not.

The Bhagirathi Valley: I had recently travelled along the Bhagirathi, and spent a week near Gangotri. This would make a lovely holiday, and a series of posts describes how to do it.
The Pindari Valley: A series of posts about trekking to the Kafni glacier. An itinerary, map and descriptions of the trek. 
Weekend activities: Friday night and no idea of what to do over the weekend? go here for tips and ideas.
Accessibility: Not a mountaineer but still interested in travelling in Delhi or Uttarakhand? or simply want a feel about some of the issues involved?
Everyday Magic: as the movie channel says, in every life there is drama. Here's some of mine..