Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Garud Buti

 Today G came and showed me this plant. He found  it  among our corn.
Lovely, isn't it? And it is so much more than that. It's called 'Garud Buti' or the 'herb of the eagle' because it vanquishes snakes and scorpions. The bulb is considered to be a sure-fire remedy against all poisonous bites.

Sadly, after the initial gushing, G received a gentle reminder to allow the next herb he finds to set seed. I do want to propagate this. So instead of keeping the bulb in my medicine cabinet as G instructed me to do, I have planted it. Also,  I looked it up and it is the Indian Grass Lily, or Iphigenia indica. I haven't been able to find a mention of its medicinal properties, and that's okay.

Chances are high that the bulb works as a placebo. This is not to be sneezed at. Given that there are far more non-venomous snakes than venomous in this area, statistically chances are high that a bite is non-lethal. Administering a respected and safe placebo can help alleviate panic and some of the more gruesome 'remedies' that I have heard of .
It is a shockingly pretty plant. I hope, in a few years, to build up my stock enough to have a passable garden bed. Maybe planted with fleabane..

If you are interested in trying it out, the remedy is as follows:
Grind up one bulb (dry or fresh) in a bit of water, add one or two crushed black peppers, close your eyes and drink.

The bulb is bitter, which means that Mian and I are thinking of adding it to our bitters..after I build up a stock, of course.