Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bangalore, Pune, Delhi. Meeting friends and family. Being warm. Talking without BSNL and google as middlemen. Talking about topics deeper than the price of vegetables. Hugging and being hugged. Heaping handfuls of the whole warm, cuddly, messy, love-and-be-loved phenomenon. Exchanging gifts of dals and spices and music and books- each gift with a different message. “I love you enough to remember what you are fond of”, “I love you enough to accept what you love”, “I love you enough to want you to have everything”, “I miss you and the things we did together”.


nadi said...

the classification of gifts is beautiful; it is a poem.

what is it doing lost among other words?

Anonymous said...

Ido agree with Nadi why cant you write your Blog in poetry sometimes as you have the skill