Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making Friends

I took this snap at Pune when I went there last week. This little chap is a regular visitor of my mum’s. The snap was clicked without a zoom, and it surprises me how safe birds feel around my mum. Me? Little kids start bawling when i smile at them.
What I love about my mother is how incredibly social she is..In the short time she was in dehradun, she established friend status with those few people she came in contact with. In my old house, those people were the gardener, the sabziwallah and her auto-wallah. And yes, all the birds that came to the garden. And the dog. And a cow who called for her several days after she left.
She will like my new house. It is full of life. A family lives here, with a large domestic staff. And best of all, they have my mum’s favourite animals as pets- a cow and her calf, and a cat! I can already see my mum pottering around the calf and hanging out with the family. I am happy.

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Saroj said...

cat of course your mother will like she use to