Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I saw

So now I am back, after a few days spent in the hills. And it was enchanting, every bit of it. But this happened at Bhatwari, where we stopped for tea.

I saw a little male sparrow lying on it's back and apparently dead. What interested me in a morbid way was that another sparrow was pecking it,apparently to make a meal of it. 'hm, cannibalism in sparrows!' I thought, thinking of the article I would write to the BNHS and the applause I would receive. By then the would-be diner was joined by a friend .

At this, the little 'dead' one thought that things were going a little too far and erupted upwards in a flurry of pointy beak and claw. I was watching the three of them tumble about trying to peck each other's eyes out and wondering what it was all about, when I realised that I was not the only spectator.

Apparently, that display of machismo was all for the benefit of this smug little missy.


nadi said...

a week ago, i wrote a description of a sparrow i saw in an open pipe of the buiding under onstruction outside mt window.

now you have sent me her picture.

Anonymous said...

she seems interested but unimpressed..stupid boys