Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Nothing good ever comes out of it, I have been told. And that's right.

Snippets of the things I heard during the electricity cut-out in the office today:

"I never buy from those people..they are all crooks"
"Yes, and look at the way they have infiltrated everything- welders, mechanics, fruit sellers. Can't escape them."
"My blood boils just looking at them"

And then the conversation moved on, and I was glad. But only for a short while.

"You should try dropping phenyl on spiders..they stagger around for nearly a minute before they die."
"Really? Does it work on other animals as well?"

M leaves in a couple of months to learn how to create a more just world.

C has the strange feeling she's going to be a little conversation-starved.


mabel said...

A huge *sigh* gtalk ki jai ho!

mabel said...

A huge *sigh* gtalk ki jai ho!

Anonymous said...

it is sad when you overhear such things
even sadder when they are being sadi by people you think you know..

all the very best to M-

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Maybe it would be worth asking them to explain what they mean? Sometimes people just repeat all that they've heard all their lives mindlessly and without any reflection. You might be doing them a favor by asking them to stop and think about what they think they believe.