Monday, May 17, 2010

evenings and magic

If you were to approach our house now, you would be guided to it by the snatches of music and glimpses of golden light that spill out into the darkness. Open the door and step into a luminous place filled with lit candles and the sweet sounds of Lester Young * on the saxophone.

I am sitting here at a table littered with the detritus of a happy evening. Ruby-stained glasses, bowls of oil and vinegar, and remnants of salad. A rug rolled up and pushed out of the way. One finally spent candle sits cold and dark ,while the row of floating wicks on the windowsill still dance merrily. These are joined by the cream-and-yolk curtains that gently billow and shift in the breeze.
It has been a good evening.

 A certain light on my computer blinks green and Mian is online talking to me. It is still a good evening.

* the album was given to me by my niece as i left for Dun so everytime I play it, I miss her..


Ellie said...

Sounds great! I want candles!

Anonymous said...


may your home always be full of peace and beauty and love..

Mukta said...

Glad you like the Lester Young CD...Isn't it simply divine?