Friday, July 9, 2010

Of gifts

If things had gone according to plan, I would have now been sitting moping in an airport fingering the chocolate Mian had given me last night. Instead, I am sitting at home watching the bees hovering over the lavender.

The flight out of SEA was delayed, which would have meant me missing my connection and spending a lonesome night in Newark. And so the airlines rebooked me for the next day.

They say it was because of weather, but it was the multiverse acting on my behalf, of course. Just last night Mian and I were lamenting. There was the grief of saying goodbye, of it never being enough time together. For me, there was the usual regret of not having made the most of what time we had. In addition, there were things we needed to do that we hadn't. We still had thank you cards to write, coffee and sweets to buy, bookstores to visit.

Back in Dun, our plants, our landlady, and my office all wait for me. They will wait one more day.

Today, we make the most of this gift we've been given. In two hours, instead of fighting for elbow space on a plane, I will stretch out in the sun and have a picnic lunch with my Mian. Later, as we did three years ago, we will take the bus home with our hands clasped together.

Thanks to Joe Mabel for the wikiphoto


Ellie said...

This made me smile. Good for you. Enjoy.

Unmana said...

I hope you have an amazing time. Parting is never easy.

Here In Franklin said...

Found you through Ellie. She has excellent taste.

chicu said...

I did have an amazing time, Ellie and Unmana. More than i had dared hope.
good to 'meet' you, Franklin!