Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The little one

After all, there is only so much observing of temple complexes one can do from across a boundary wall. I oohed appropriately, clicked some photos, and walked on.
Not for very long, though. A few metres on, close to the bus stop, a small gate intrigued me. On the other side was lush, exuberant green. The gate seemed to be locked, but when I went closer, I realised that it was just fastened with a cycle chain. there was a man tending to the plants.
'Is it okay if I come in?'
'Oh yes! of course you may.'

And so it is that I found myself being shown around the Kali temple by the caretaker. It is now an ASI site, but he still keeps a lamp lit inside. He took me around- after admonishing me when i began walking around the temple in the wrong direction. He pointed out the various carvings and waited expectantly for me to take photos of his favourites. Unusual for a temple caretaker, he did not ask for 'dakshina' and seemed amazed when I pressed some money into his hand.

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nadi said...

will definitely visit this one when i get a chance to go to Orissa