Thursday, July 21, 2011

Impossible fantasy

I've spoken before of the 10-year old Chicu and her fascination with the landscape Corbett walked in, of how it seemed so remarkably far away to her that she did not even yearn to see it. When she grew up a bit more, she believed that a sign of maturity is to erect a fence around one's fantasies. And so the pine forests were replaced by a farm in the western Ghats .This she did yearn for, and visualised it in great detail- the kitchen garden, the view, the chanderi sarees on the windows. Eventually, that too got filed away as an impossible thing, something to be joked about.

And now, she's doing it. All growned up, and she's learned that its not necessary to limit dreams, just to reach out for them.

Come September, I pack up our life here and move to the hills. Mian and I will find a little house in the hills, and make it home for the next few years. We'll be in the district of Nainital, where Corbett lived. The area where we are moving to has pine trees and rhododendrons, and Himalayan magpies are as common as crows. More important, it has the two of us together. For that, I'd gladly exchange any number of rhododendrons.

We hope to rent a house built in the traditional manner, with slate and mud. A little garden we'll have, where we'll grow corn and roses, cabbages and jasmine. I'll sit in the garden and write. Mian will have me to come home to every night. It'll be a good life.

There are worries. The nearest coffee-vendor is 4 hours and an overnight stay away. I've always been a salaried person, and have quite liked the calm knowledge that come the first week, i'll have cash in my account. The one thing I am bad at is project-peddling. Mian will be away for six months in a year.

But the other six months will be together. I am excited and nervous at the same time. If I had a tail, it would be going around in circles.


Unmana said...

Best of luck, my dear. And if you want me, I'll definitely come visit you in your home in the mountains.

nadi said...

with cabbages and roses and jasmine, who needs coffee.
Growned up and brave and
very very much in love.

Becky said...

This is wonderful. You will post photos, won't you?

That is quite sad about the coffee vendor, though. It's a worthy sacrifice, but still quite sad.

Bhaven Jani said...

this is a nice enticer, hope u have a great time there. I am an avid traveller myself and in love with the Himalayas. cheers, Bhaven (

vanderloost said...

I am new to your blog but the idea of a slate and mud home entices me!

vanderloost said...

The idea of a mud and slate home is so enticing....