Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter and new beginnings

I have been rushing about various villages in the area recently. The thing that strikes me most is how wrong appearances can be. Over and over again, I am reminded of my one rule: Never underestimate anyone.

The old, traditionally dressed, illiterate grandmother turns out to be the manager of a micro-finance account worth Rs.80,000/-. The mouse-like assistant at the community health centre is the only one I met who is utterly confident of the vigour of panchayati raj institutions.
And the gardener in me notices with astonishment that what she had first considered to be the season of endings is burgeoning with new life. It is winter, and we are headed into the coldest bit.

But. Every village is teeming with new life. Winter wheat eagerly shakes off the shelter of the warm soil.Baby goats and calves are taking their first wobbly steps- or soaking in some sun.

While less momentous in the grand scheme of things, I have a new beginning too.
I will be writing of our homesteading efforts in a new blog. The blog, as does our home, requires a lot of tweaking. But I am excited to share it with you, and perfection is overrated. Isn't it?

The buffalo calf? photo taken by the Mian


Banno said...

Your new blog is very nice. I look forward to hearing more about your homestead.

chicu said...

My first visitor! Thank you, Banno

kavita said...

Hey, that's so lovely. And you're sounding so hill farmer woman already! Bless you both ..and your house in the Himalayas. (Bless your to-do list too..may it always be so happily full!) (i absolutely love the thyme in flagstone cracks)