Friday, February 3, 2012

Not Enough

This has been my continual refrain over the last month. And I hate it, because this continuous complaining is not me, or so I tell myself. But so it has been.
It started with the cold wave. This drastically limited my internet access to 15 shivering minutes a day, if that. How, you ask? well..we only have access to the internet on the north-east corner of our porch- the one that directly faces the Himalaya. This is also the corner most exposed to a piercing wind that seemed to blow down all the way from Nepal, carrying hail and snow with it. I could not sit there for any length of time, and so it is not till Mian and I finally ran away to the south that I learnt that there was talk of declaring the cold wave as a national disaster.
But not enough heat. Not enough electricity (the storms blew out power). Not enough space. And when we went to the south, to warm sun and warmer family, not enough time. Not enough time to visit, to talk of all that we wanted to share, to cook. Not enough time to see all that we wanted to. Not enough time to work. And in trying to do it all, I ended up making noone happy.
But now we are back. It is still winter, but the miserable cold has gone. Things are slightly easier. And this little bundle that we left behind when we went to the south is back with us-Shona Bhaloo, the centre of our world.

Soon, it will be spring.


nadi said...

love from thissomeone who was very very happy that you came.

Good to read a post here . Please write regularly. uttarakhandandi is my only window to your north-east corner view

and more importantly to things like the grey socks of which an identical pair was gifted to me by my dearest person

Anonymous said...

Hi!...lovely to see you back and to see shona bhaloo...seems a very appropriate name I must add!...will be there on the 19th and 20th...hope to meet you all then...cheers :)


Unmana said...

Omigod, Shona Bhaloo is adorable! And you haven't called me. (Hint!)

kavita said...

Glad to have you back in the Himalayas.. seemed even colder without your posts
and now with Shona B it IS spring!

Ellie said...

IS HE REALLY YOURS? So cute! Dogs are ace!

Vetrimagal said...

Who can resist commenting , when you have a dog like that?

So cute!!

Kacy said...

We miss you guys!