Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on writing, schedules, and guilt

Today as I checked my mail shortly after I woke, I smiled. And I am smiling still. The reason? A letter from a friend who I thought had gone out of my life. It has been more than two years, he wrote. And went on to say how  embarrassed he was, but how  it is reassuring to know that I was still on the other end of that letter. And he had no reason to be apprehensive- I received his letter as joyfully and naturally as if that two year gap was never there.
And that letter also made me lose my apprehension  and begin to write again on this blog. You too, I think, will receive me as joyfully as if the irregularities were never there.
There has been plenty to write about..and I will. But there also has been a voice (largely due to Problogger and their like) that I need to stick to a daily schedule or nothing at all. And that has had me seriously consider stopping this blog. But I won't..I get too much pleasure from this blog and from the friends I have met through it  to stop.
But  the other blog- the homestead one- I am taking offline. Maybe some day I will be disciplined enough to keep both as they deserve. In the meantime, I will strive at this, keep writing, keep trying.


nadi said...

You HAVE to write .

I do so look forward to a new post from you.

You do things , different things.
You lead a life that many of us sometimes allow ourselves to dream about.
You travel- Sometimes under the most difficult circumstances.
And most important-
You see things in that very special way you have-
You see beauty in the ordinary.

You see the GOOD in everybody.

Such a person HAS to write.
I don't think you have an option

kavita said...

second that!
hugs, kavita

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Nadi said. I can't remember how you came to find my blog, but I do remember being SO impressed with your words and your vision and the things you attempt to do in your every day life. Your voice needs to be heard. Keep writing.

Much love,