Friday, December 14, 2012

Puppy snacks

All summer, and well into autumn, I would keep ice cubes in the freezer for the little Bhotiya pup. It got so that everytime she heard the fridge door open, she would come running and go through her entire cycle of 'lessons' (sit-down-good girrrl!). But then I unpacked the sweaters and stopped freezing ice.  And today I realised that she still misses her snacks.
It snowed today! It makes the last two sunless days worthwhile. Not that they haven't been cozy. The first day, the Bhaloo and I spend on the couch with a hot water bottle (she still prefers to hang out with her human family- the Ugly Squeaklings* are left to their own devices). The second day I baked this, which by its aroma alone made the house warm and of Christmas.
And today, we woke up to this

And if this isn't a X'mas card, I don't know what is

And finally, a photo of the tiniest Bhaloo in her element

*: The Ugly Squeaklings? coined by my niece- and a more fitting handle for the grand-pups I can't think of


nadi said...

This is lovely.

by 'this' I mean your life, yes, but also know that it is full of hard work. 'This'- your seeing of beauty. This , you creating beauty.

Write a book about this

Ellie said...

I LOVE that you have put a video on your blog ... it makes me feel closer to your reality than I ever have ... the sound and the dog loving the snow. Fantastic! xxx

Anwitha Singh said...

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