Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A landmark in the village

There isn't one. Of the conventional type atleast. And that led to this story.
I finally went up and opened me a local savings account- step 1 towards establishing one's residence and all.
But the thing is that the banks now insist on delivering their documents to your home. And that had me worried. My address is just short of the Mark Twain style- instead of 'god knows where', mine says 'Chatola'.
'The post man won't know who I am' I fretted to Mian 'And no one will be able to help him, because while people know my face, they don't know my name.'
'Don't worry', he soothed me 'Everyone knows everyone here. The mail will reach just fine. Trust me.'
And of course I trust him. Utterly, and absolutely.
But you see, that is such an important letter..

And so when Shona and I had gone up to Mukteshwar to get the passbook, I stopped to introduce myself to the postman.
'Hello, I am Chicu. I just opened an account, and I was not sure if you know where I live or who I am, so I thought I'd come up and say hello'
He looked up at me and down at Shona  and beamed sunnily.
' I know you!' he said. 'You live with Shona-Bhaloo! Mian lives with her too!'

' Ah. Yes' I said. 'That's us. The ones who live with Shona-Bhaloo'

There are landmarks in the village- they just happen to be furry and charming.


Unmana said...

That is adorable. Maybe you should have your letters addressed "c/o Shona Bhaloo" :)

Ellie said...

Fantastic! It is nice to hear that in a village far away, a dog is thought of fondly by the local mailman. In my experience with small villages and mailmen, dogs aren't necessarily their favorites.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Aww, such a sweet story. I guess that's how I tell people where to find me in my neighborhood too... if they can't point the building based on its name, simply ask where the two black-and-white-spotted dogs live.