Monday, July 29, 2013

The reasons why

The 25th of this month was a momentous day for me.

I walked up to Mukteshwar and back in record time- just a little over two hours, including a stop for chai. I bought enough maize to satisfy all my bhutta cravings. Shona behaved herself. On the uphill climb, I did not need to make either one of my scheduled rest stops.

But all this paled in comparison to the fact that I was making it  up to the Post Office on that particular day. You see, despite relying almost entirely on technology, my workplace is old-fashioned when it comes to finances- digital signatures are looked on with suspicion. Every month, I am given three days notice to post my invoices and bills. I never make the deadline.

My long-suffering boss then calls up, and we engage in a conversation worthy of a comedy.
'why haven't I received the tracking number?'
'because I haven't sent it.'
'why haven't you sent it?'
'Because the PO didn't give it to me'
'Why didn't the PO give it to you?'
'Because I didn't go there'
'Why didn't you go there?'
and here my answers end. 'Tomorrow' I reply
'But why' he asks
'TOM-orrow' I say

It's not that I don't have a reason. I usually have a very good reason- and a different one each month. The trouble is,  these are not very acceptable by Accounts. Here are a sampling:
  • Its winter and the path is slippery with ice. You can not pay me to risk a broken knee.
  • Its summer and I get a migraine walking in the sun.
  • Its the monsoon and there are leeches on the path.
  • Mian is not here, and I spent all morning chatting with him.
  • Mian is here and I've better things to do than trudge 3km uphill.
  • Mukteshwar has a chicken shop, Bhowali has pork. I felt like the latter, but missed the bus. 
  • I wanted to go to Bhowali, and woke in time for the bus, but Shona refused to erm 'do her business' and I could not leave her alone.
  • It''s that time of the month, and my back feels like it's made of fragile glass. 
  • It's that time of the month and even if I could teleport myself there, I wouldn't, because I am damned if I make anyone an iota happier when I am grouchy. 

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Becky said...

At my old job visiting the post office was the bane of my existence.... and I had no such hike to complain about.

PS: Once again, I utilized your "hungry people are anxiously waiting upon dinner... quick, fry up some onions in oil" tip. Every time I use that very helpful tip I smile a bit - we do not really know each other, and we live very far apart and have very different lives, but sometimes they're not all so different. The internet makes life very interesting.