Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shona's gone

There. Said it. This has kept me offline for the last few months.
Shona Bhaloo disappeared one morning in April. We hunted and hunted for her, waited so many nights. She never came back. The logical explanation is that either a leopard took her, or a human being did.
Mian and I are sad.
But also glad we have Madhu Bhaloo. Her own daughter. The one about whom I say that she neither has her mother's beauty nor her brains. Thankfully, she has her heart.
Here's the last photo I have of Shona. Sho and Madhu are on our porch. Shona  is alert and watchful as usual, Madhu  is clueless, also as usual.

1 comment:

nadi said...

that heart comes from you.

No words.

Rest, Shona.

Play, say strong, MadhuBhaloo