Sunday, February 1, 2009

BSNL, Dehradun

I have mentioned BSNL earlier on this blog, but they deserve praise not just for their flirtability.
Two days after the meeting I described, I received a call asking if it was convenient for me if they came and installed my landline. The man was there when he said so, and my phone was installed. The next week, I applied for internet- a totally painless process, and instant registration.
After that, I was out on tour for two weeks, and could not follow up. When I finally took myself down to the office, on a Tuesday, my number was noted and I was told that they had come but no one was at home. I was further told that I would have a line by the end of the week. By Friday, no phone calls, and I had resigned myself to another trip to the office. But Saturday afternoon, I receive a call from my linesman telling me that he was outside my gate! He came in and installed my internet, and I was guided most capably and cheerfully through the setting up process on the phone.
A couple of days ago, I realised that I needed to upgrade to another plan. I called up at three pm on Saturday, 31st January, and was told that I have three hours to submit my application for the new plan to take effect in February. I took me down there with a copy of my phone bill, and filled in a form. That’s it, it was done. The procedures are painless, the services are efficient and cost-effective, and the people are almost always friendly and never ask for baksheesh.
Yay for BSNL.

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Anonymous said...

this is exactly how you help people who need guidance in water resources withoutany delay or tiredness
Uma vishwanath