Thursday, February 5, 2009

of trains and motives..

when my colleague told me today, that a train was stolen from Delhi, I assumed that the train in question was an old engine, shunted away and forgotten, poor thing. No, it wasn't. It was the brand new Garib Rath (a sort of Janshatabdi) from Delhi to Ranchi. And oh, when it was stolen, it had 1862 passengers in it. The runaway train was caught (bad train! You are grounded for a week!)at Kanpur -400 kilometres away. Today evening, I heard that the whole issue was that of rivalry between two worker's unions.
But I only found that out now. In the morning, very little was known of the incident, and only one newspaper-the Amar Ujala carried the bare facts. And so, of course, my mind boggled at the thought of what the train-stealers could possibly be thinking..after all, it is not like they could change its license plates and sell it off..not to mention the slight technicality of 1862 passengers (i love the precision of that was in the paper this morning, and in my head all day).
But then my sis told me that maybe it is not necessary to have a reason. Maybe stealing a train is motive enough...

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