Friday, April 17, 2009

Har-ki-Pauri: Coin Collectors

I have described the coin collectors of Gadmukteshwar before. Here, I saw some adaptation in the drag-a-magnet technique. At Har-ki-Pauri, in the bathing channel, the waters are turbulent. This means that one cannot drag a magnet attached to a string, and needs to attach it to a stick instead. The turbulence and refraction make it difficult to spear a coin properly. And this is where ingenuity comes in. The coin-collectors use a pane of glass to overcome both these challenges. In the photo ,one can see the man use peer through the glass and raise his stick to 'spear' the coin.

1 comment:

nadi said...

give me your glass, Har-ki-Pauri man.

so much turbulence, everything refracted.

and then someone's gone and cut my string.