Friday, April 17, 2009

I have mentioned before how my mum is fiercely holding on to her mobility. Well, we are planning on a day trip to Rishikesh this Sunday. Now it is possible to minimize walking there, but not eliminate it entirely.

And so, mum and I had a conversation that went something like this.

I (brightly): you know, lots of shops sell canes in Rishikesh. Why don’t you buy one?
She (puzzled): what?
I(miming holding a walking stick): a cane! To walk with!
She(expressing concern): for you? Your knee is paining?
I get message and shut up.

Am worried about her, but proud of her too.

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nadi said...

there IS a hurting point here, a 'pain' as your Mother calls it; but not in your knee-

it hurts by making you worry unnecessarily, by painting a weak, vulnerable image of your Mother,

when actually, she is strong.

you should be proud of her, Chicu Uttarakhandi and Quit Worrying..