Tuesday, May 26, 2009


my bedroom windows in the morning sun. dust, rust and all..
art is where you find it.


Kavita said...

Sure.. the window pics are are pretty rich - art IS where you find it unless ofcourse it finds you! Like this amazing garden sculpture (of a woman dreaming with a book in her lap) in a tiny Rajpur house near Orchard where we went to collect a pup! Have a pic but don't know how to share it.

The Ram Rai Darbar write up is super. Check out the Songsten Library on Sahastradhara Road for more Tibetan murals and sculpture and Jangal(mein?)Mangal near Kuthal Gate on Mussoorie Diversion.

chicu said...

thanks a lot, Kavita! will go to the other places you mentioned..jangal mein mangal has made me very curious..blogging is a lot more fun since I know it is being read by people in Dun, and I am looking at making it more interactive..give me a couple of days..ciao!