Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Urban Art Project

I am now pretty well settled in Dehradun. I have a library membership, phone-with-internet, and a shopkeeper who starts measuring out a quarter-kilo of coffee beans the instant I walk into his shop. I know where to find momos, bread, cheese. I know cafe-cum-bookstores, and some of them recognize me. I have arrived.
If there is something I still miss here, it is art. Who needs Art when they are surrounded by Nature, you ask? erm, I do. I need to know that while I may be nasty, brutish and short, the Human Life is not..

Museums, plays, music shows, I want. currently, I listen to music on the net, and read a lot. I miss the other stuff.I want paintings and sculpture. in a museum is nice, but better still is when it is unexpected. I like it when paintings and sculpture are a part of the city. And that I have just not found in Dehradun.
So I am now on a mission. I plan to actively go out seeking public art in Dehradun and Rajpur. And I will be needing help..if you know of anything in d'dun, drop me a line. Now here, the definition will necessarily be flexible, but not much. So basically, anything that was created for its own sake counts, utility does not.

murals / art galleries / sculpture gardens/ museums : yes
architecture / pretty streets / landscapes: no ('tis not that they do not count, I am looking for something specific)

let's see kya milta hain..


Kavita said...

Have you been to the Jhanda Sahib Gurdwara ? Its an absolute visual treat- scores of really freaky murals/wall paintings in Mughul,Kangra and Rajasthani styles - some from the 17th century!And historically its THE hamare Dehradun mein public art ki kami nahin nahi hai. Abhi to aapne dekha hi kya hai!!

chicu said...

I have! and it is beautiful..expect a post soon..