Friday, June 19, 2009

The priest's house

How I covet it. And how can I not? It is perfect in every way. Let us be extremely business-like and look at the place, shall we?

Location: In verdant, arty Rajpur.Perched on the edge of a cliff and cunningly placed so as to catch every breeze that wanders into that valley. It is shaded by a huge, venerable peepal tree that is a poem in itself. And the views!The photo of the Rispana valley in my Rajpur post was clicked when dreaming at a window.

Plan: It is a double-storeyed structure with a deep covered verandah. This verandah has a window overlooking the valley. The ground floor has two rooms. It originally had three, but now part of the floor above the bedroom has fallen. This suits me fine, because that means the bedroom (on the G-1 floor) now has double-height walls, with windows on two levels. This will be lovely and cool in the summer. Things might be chilly in December, but there is a fireplace, and well, cold is a good reason to snuggle down, no? Also on the lower floor,There is a wee kitchen and a storeroom, and wait for this- a covered well!

what sold me to the place? the niches for lamps all over the house- at the entrance, on the stairs, at various points in the walls.

Look at the bedroom with my eyes, please. Think of this little shoebox stood on end as it will be when swept and clean. There will be a vase of dry grasses in the fireplace, and the floor will have a mattress and heaps of cushions.The bedspread and cushions will be in purple, pink, fuchsia- maybe a little zari here and there. The walls hung with sarees, again in the same incredibly luxurious colours. And diyas will be lit in all the little niches, filling the little shoebox with their living golden light. And there we will sit and listen to the spring gurgle in our well..

Five Star Friday


kavita said...

exquisite..both the house(along with the environs)and the description..maybe be you should put up one of those buri-nazar-wale-tera-muh-kala signs..on both!!

In fact, have you seen the gharats on watermill road in Garhi? An ngo has revived them and added a cafe/confectionary to them. If this area has to be 'developed' then as Will has put it so well, it should be along those lines.


chicu said...

thank you, Kavita! For the compliment, and for the tip..Actually i am not sure if i know where garhi is.I tried looking it up on my map, and couldnt find it there. I do ,however, know of a cafe run by an NGO Chhaya in Rajpur- am planning on lunching there tomorrow- is it the same by any chance?

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

kavita said...

No, this isn't Chhaya.Its a group called WISE(a part of Anil Joshi's HESCO) that's running these three watermills on a canal from the Tons river. This initiative is in a rather congested part of town in Garhi Dakra in the cantonement(behind the Doon School). I've copied a news report link for you:
Bon apetit for Chhaya!

Deepak Anand said...

Beautiful post!!!
Thank you for the encouraging words on my blog. I like your writing style...

PurestGreen said...

Found you through Five Star Friday. Beautiful photos. I understand what drew you here. I provide extra swooning on your behalf. Light those candles; fill those precious nooks with light.

Saroj said...

What a beautiful house I wish you should have a house like that Esha Alla