Saturday, June 13, 2009

puppy love

As I write this, a small ball of fuzz and drool has smooshed itself up between me and the trunk I keep the computer on, and has pressed a wet nose up against my leg.
It has been 13 years since I have had a pup at home, and you know, it does not seem like it. As I hold this pup, try and guess what it wants, make the choice between tough love and falling for a pair of trusting eyes, it does not seem so long ago since Benjy was a pup.
But yes, this has again reminded me what an intense experience it is to have a pup in the house. And it is not just the hourly feeding and cleaning up, the incessant minor crises that I am talking of. The whole feeling of being totally trusted by something vulnerable, and the intense sensory experience of watching-hearing-smelling-touching it, sometimes feels too much to bear. A lot like being in love, isn't it?
Incidentally, the pup and I are not embarking on a relationship. M has taken it to meet her parents, and they were visiting me. I do, do hope things work out. That pup needs a home.


Gina said...

So he is not your? I love those paws that match the tip of the tail.

Shalini said...

Pups are a lot of work... despite the love, it would be great if that little baby can find a home... all the best!

chicu said...

well, as of now, she seems to have found a home..a winning little thing.