Sunday, July 19, 2009


I got a house. The experience was such that I felt the multiverse wanted to assure me that the world isn't all bad.


After days of wandering around with a salwar kameez and bindi, I rebelled a couple of days ago. I didn't have any appointments with prospective landowners anyway, so I dressed 'normally'- cotton kurti that was just short of sheer, and wrap-around skirt. Not quite a bikini, but not quite dehradun. I am the only non-tween I have seen wearing a skirt.


Then my colleague tells me of a possible house. I go there, and that's empty, but I see a leprechaun peeking over the wall. I ask him, he turns out to be the gardener who moonlights as an agent, and he shows me a place.


By this time it is raining, and my kurti is firmly in the sheer category. I meet the landlady despite misgivings, and I get the house! No questions asked! Not too many anyways. I pay an advance on the deposit and it's mine!


So this week, I gradually move in my things..on Saturday I apply to BSNL to change my address and move my furniture. Monday onwards, I look forward to happy times without feeling the need to attach qualifiers to every wish..



Tara said...

Heartfelt blessings for your new nest, brave one, and plenty of love to make it a warm and safe one.

I wish you many many happy times within its walls.

*gives house and friend a kiss on the forehead.


nadi said...

happy times ahead.

lucky house, it found you.


Jo Chopra McGowan said...


And by the way, I wear skirts and I am not a tween.