Sunday, July 12, 2009

The shoemaker's back.

I had written here about my worries about his sudden disappearance. Well, I saw him at his usual spot today. And it seems as if G was right, and he had been to visit his grandchildren. His workplace is now brightened up by three girls of assorted ages who spend their time chilling out by his side.
This was the one major good thing that happened to me all week. Do you think it is a harbringer of better days ahead?


Gina said...

oh my, I'm scaring myself about predicting things (really, at least 4 predictions in last 3 months--that I know of). My next prediction for you: you will find a lovely apartment with balcony where you can feel the breeze and grow potted plants; not ideal, but good nonetheless.

chicu said...

bless you. but do, do predict that i'll be allowed to share it with the one.In a pinch, can do without the plants..

saroj said...

I can understand your trauma.Now since you got the house ,i am happy for you