Friday, February 12, 2010

a dozen reasons for me to move to Goa

12. It is sunny and warm. In the winter

11. Lotuses grow in paddy fields

10. Bakeries operating out of village homes sell little bites of heaven for 8/- each. The Jila bakery, Loutolim.
 9. Whatever the state of the Republic, every citizen is guaranteed a competent haircut
8. The street names are hand painted on tiles

As are house names
7. Ferries are free, and allow tired vendors to take a short break

6. Dogs have jet-skis to chase. And beaches to run on.

5. The most unassuming places have food that makes one swoon with pleasure.

4. The scariest things around are fruits with demon mouths

3. The High Court is housed in a building that resembles a mango flavoured wedding cake

2. Trust: People cheerfully hand over scooter keys to absolute strangers

1. Honesty: Shopkeepers follow truth-in-advertising guidelines

And thanks to the Mian for photos 6 and 1..

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