Friday, February 26, 2010

Update on registration of marriage, Dehradun

On 8th February 2010, the district administration of Dehradun passed a rule that now makes it compulsory for one of the applicants for registration of marriage to be domiciled within the district. Those of you who want to apply, please note that the rule is only applicable for the district of Dehradun. However, it makes even more sense for all applicants to first check what the local rules are.

The domicile rule angers me for several reasons.

1. Mian and I went to the Marriage registrar's office in Jan, when this rule had not been passed. Our application was not accepted, giving the same reason, and our questions as to it's validity were shot down. I realize now that is was illegal for the ADM to refuse our application on the basis of a rule that had not been passed yet but I don’t know what to do about it.
2. The reason stated in their official press statement is that a lot of 'outside' people were applying at the Dehradun office, and this created more work for them. The district admin needs to wake up to the fact that Dun is now the state capital. State capitals often become vibrant cosmopolitan areas with a lot of outsiders. This is a good thing, people. As for the second argument, can you imagine going up to your boss and asking him/her to make a radical policy change because it would lessen your work? No, I can't either.
3. And now for the most important reason. I am a citizen of India and more or less fond of the country. Whatever my issues with certain policies, it has been drummed into me since my childhood that India has a right to my allegiance. But in return, this country also owes me something. It owes me a sense of belonging. Within its boundaries, no one should be able to tell me," You don't belong here. Go back to where you came from." But this is what this rule tells me, and all the other applicants it dismisses as 'outsiders'. Xenophobia is always unacceptable , even when expressed by crazy groups. But the government has absolutely no right to label the citizens of its own country as 'outsiders'. And this is what makes me angry.

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Anonymous said...

"it owes me a sense of belonging."

this is a TRUE sentence.