Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How not to starve while walking in Mussoorie

Well, one can go the traditional route and stop at one of the many enticing chai stalls on the way. Else there are momos and pastries and all manner of urban delights- this is a tourist town after all.
or it is possible to live off the land and sample all that the forest has to offer. The mussoorie hills are famous for their berries, and we found some on a ramble last week.
Here they are, and scrumptious they are too.
Kala hissar, or the black Hissar.


Anonymous said...

they sound, look

another berry freak said...

Kingoda is called kasmol in our part of the world(the rawain in Uttarkashi district..

abf said...

and the hissars are called hinsod around here(just confirmed)..

Anonymous said...

and are called Hisalu in parts of kumaon...:)

Grumpy Granny said...

What do they taste like? I've been eating strawberries from the garden...


chicu said...

Thank you for the alternate names!
As for how they taste, in order of deliciousness:
the Kala Hissar: mildly tart, but sweet. Not a very definable flavour ,and the texture was something like a blackberry. Not as juicy, but we got a dry lot.
The Kingoda: something like an olive in texture, and tart but not mouth-puckeringly so.
Hissar: pure heaven. The texture was delightful, because it disintegrates if you mush it against your palate and floods your mouth with nectar. This was not cloying, but sweeeet.