Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art at the Metro: INA station, Delhi

You thought I had forgotten my quest for urban art in Dehradun, had you? No, I haven't. I adore unexpectedly coming across art in cities and am still looking out for some examples in Dun. But right now, I have run out of options. And that is why I was thrilled when I visited the INA market metro station (yellow line).
The station has a crafts gallery with exquisite works from various states. These are truly high-quality and obviously done with some attention to detail. I can't really describe art very well, but here is a good description of the station.  I always love some prettiness in urban transport and would perhaps have liked this more if it was spread out across the metro system rather than in a gallery-style exhibit. But hey, first steps..

Nothing is perfect and a look at the list of exhibits indicates that not all the states are represented. First steps, and hopefully this is just the beginning. For now though, this is pretty good. I loved all of them and would gladly go down there just to wander from one exhibit to the other. In fact, that is what I plan to do the next time I go down to Delhi.

Incidentally, apologies for the shoddy picture. Taking photographs is not allowed in the Metro system, and this was done by stealth. The things I do for this blog..


Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Have you been to St Francis Church here in Dehradun, Chicu? The murals were painted by Italian prisoners of war quartered on the Parade Ground during WWII. Worth a visit!

chicu said...

no, I havent. Is that the church near Parade Ground? will try going there on Sunday. Thank you!

Smita Luthra said...

I completely relate to this love of yours. :) I too love running into pieces of art at odd places. I remember admiring the carved wrought iron street lights on a busy road in Jaipur.

I love the way you write. Will be waiting to read about your life in the little house in the hills. You really write beautifully.

(By the way, that's another one of my dreams too - to settle down in a little house in the hills after I retire where my husband grows a kitchen garden and I cook and we look forward to annual family reunions with the kids' families. I guess I could use a bit of fence on my fantasies...)