Friday, June 8, 2012

What is wrong with these men?

Imagine this. A well-lit and fully occupied bus traveling down the highway. The driver's love for music has created all the passengers to realize that they will not be able to sleep this night. A woman is traveling. She is galloping towards her forties,and her grey hairs attest to this. She sports a mangalsutra, and the rest of her outfit is frumpy enough to cause her concern at times. She is confident and assured. Sitting next to her is a man in his fifties. He is traveling for work, and has spoken on the phone of wanting to get back to his family. He has ingested nothing but water throughout the journey. A safe enough scene. No victims,no perpetrators that leap out.

In the middle of the night, the man tries the old surreptitiously-stroking-with-extended-fingers.

Seriously? Did he think I would not notice? Did he think that I would be too intimidated to protest? Or, I shudder to think, did he think I would welcome it? Perhaps he thought that I would not have seen the trick before. Perhaps he thought he was the first man  ever to think of it, and did not know that every woman in the subcontinent has experienced it a dozen times.

These men should know that we have perfected our 'strategically-poised-thumbnail' trick.

Go ahead and lust after every woman you see. Go ahead and think you are God's gift to the world. But do yourself a favour and don't underestimate our intelligence.


Banno said...


nadi said...

am so sorry this happened to you. You are a person who never bothers anyone in any way

chicu said...

To whom hasn't it happened, re acca? and with whom is it justified?
That's the sad thing, na?

Grumpy Granny said...

This very same thing happened to me on a subway in Atlanta, GA, when I was commuting home from work. Oddly (or not), the man in question was either Indian or Pakistani. I never spoke to him. I was on the inside seat reading a book, and he sat down next to me. All was fine for a couple of stops, then suddenly, I felt his hand along my leg! Nothing like that had ever happened before (and I was much younger), so I didn't do anything but try to move closer to the wall and glare at him. Luckily, his stop was called and he practically ran out of the bus.

What a jerk.