Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now, where did I keep my pointy hat?

Today I was nursing an upset tummy with some cumin tea and thinking that I would have quite liked to be a witch- well clear of the inquisition/Manusmriti times, of course. But then I thought a little more, and realised that hey, I am!

Consider the facts:

· Lives alone in a house that is um, unconventional: check.

· Feels uprooted when in an unfamiliar ecosystem: check.

· Has a small but growing list of loyal clients for whom she performs the following services- health and wellness advice, home remedies, love potions, strategy and counselling sessions, fortune telling: check.

· Is paid in kind for said services: check.

· Most clients consult her in the wee hours of the night: check.

· Has a familiar who is independent, but chooses to hang out with her: a slug. Check.

· Attempts to cure or at least soothe most health and beauty troubles with things from her kitchen: check.

· Has next to no processed foods in her pantry: check

· Said pantry is a source of morbid curiosity to most people: check.

· People fall over each other not to be the first to sample her cooking, but are quite eager to be the second person: check.

· She has recipes that include dried animal parts/ things collected from roadsides/ instructions to enter a forest at a specific time: All of these. Check

· Has a strange, non-trend related, but interesting wardrobe: check

· One can hear voices in her house in the middle of the night, but here’s the scary part- if you peek in, there’s no one there!: You bet skype counts as magic. Check.

· Has evidence to prove that all ills can be solved by a mug of tea: check

· Is not referring to Assam Black when she says ‘tea’: check

· Is irresistibly sexy: well, if you insist. Check.

· Has heard of modesty, but will have no truck with the concept: Read this post. done.



Gina said...

I can't wait to see your pantry and have you make drink Ken "tea," which he hardly ever ever does.

Tara said...

Attend to thy blog!