Thursday, March 5, 2009

the red carpet treatment

One is sometimes given that when one does not expect it.
I have been having a rough work week, and today was going to be another tough day. So I dressed to the teeth - in my 'geddout of my way' outfit (red salwar kameez, black heels, hair in a chignon, accessories just so).
I stepped out, and there was a red carpet rolled out on the road. And then another. Till I turned off the road into the colony where my office is, my feet did not touch the tarmac once. At the end of that walk of course, I was grinning and walking a bit taller.
It's not a mystery, of course. I live next to a shop that loans tents, carpets, furniture etc for marriages and other things. Today is the day they decided to air their carpets.
but today of all the days! the multiverse likes me..

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