Monday, September 28, 2009

In which she moves again..

but only a floor up. From being a mouse in a cozy cave to being a birdie in a light-filled nest. I liked my earlier house, I like this one too..and I love, love, love the windows that fill our home with light and air.
I am still settling in, and will be nesting for the next week or so, but am home for Dussehra ,and that is good.
A note to those whose opinion matters to me, especially The One: When I said I want a pink bedroom, I did not mean this pink. honest.
That shall be changed in a month or two, but I cannot do anything about the grill over the washbasin. No doubt, it is a holy symbol and will prevent vampires from entering. However, for me the whole swastika-in-a-circle-in-a-square thing is unsettling, to say the least. what do i do with it? place a fern?
Or I can simply brew me some coffee, take it and me to the balcony, and sit looking at the sky.

Ah yes.


nadi said...

I like the sky that your balcony lets you see.

are those shadows of the grill on the pink wall?

that pink is -hmmmm

well, is this a 'family' blog?

i like er--ic
i like the pink

and jokes apart, i like your house

chicu said...

the pink is hmmmm..indeed.
and those are not shadows..I took a snap of the wire shelf I have. If I focused on the wall, my camera recoiled from the colour and lightened it. Which is why the attempt at an 'arty' shot.

Ranjoo said...

you moved again...??