Tuesday, September 1, 2009

these days

I am like a pup chasing its own tail.
Far too much is happening at work. I need 36 working hours each day. Things would be easier then. things would also be easier if I was less confused. Oh me, oh my.
and yet, and yet, these days
When I go home, the One is there. It has rained in the afternoon, and the evening is cool and clean. The sky is a vivid gold-pink with slaty clouds. Bats wheel overhead in a mad rush to sate themselves in the post-rain rush of insects. Later, the lights of Mussoorie come on. We sit, by ourselves or with friends, and drink in chai and conversation. There is pleasure in everything- in deciding dinner, in sipping coffee, in the moos of the cow next door..
Wouldn't exchange these days for the world.


Gina said...

you two make me smile...

chicu said...

What to do? we are like that only..

Anonymous said...



hmmm.. nice.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Thank you for this gift.