Monday, January 11, 2010


is alive and well in Uttarakhand. Yesterday, I received a call from Tata AIG life insurance. This is how it went:
ME: Hello?
TAIG: Hello! This is Tata AIG. May I speak to Sir, please?
ME (mystified why my Mian's students should call him up to sell insurance): err..which Sir, exactly?
TAIG: the one who is the Decision Maker.
ME: Ah
(Realises that according to TAIG, of course there is no chance a woman can be a Decision Maker. Wonders if a feminism speech is called for, and sighs realising that it would be of no use)
ME: Forgive me, he has instructed me not to disturb him.
(or as I said in hindi, 'maaf kijiye, unhonein bataaya hain ki tang mat karna')

Did I miss out on an educational opportunity? Or is repartee worth it even if unacknowledged by the receiver?


Gina said...

i often wonder about that...but it would have been an good chance to vent.

Unmana said...

Wow, that bad, huh. This guy must be phenomenally stupid or something. I mean, "Decision Maker"? You start by asking that? Or do you think they're trained that way?

chicu said...

hanh, Gina. but what good would venting do?
and Unmana, you know the worst part? the caller was a woman- sad, no?

Anonymous said...

don't they know by now,

that when it comes to decisions-

as compared to madams,

more sirs err

Ashutosh said...

The poor guy might just have thought the sweet voice he heard must be a of a pre-teen girl :)