Friday, October 1, 2010

of gods, people, and a crowded planet.

सुना हैं, कुछ सज्जनोंने ढून्ढ निकला भगवान का जन्मस्थान
एक तोड़े हुए कुब्बे के ठीक नीचे
मुझे किस फैसले तले दफ्नाओगे?
कहाँ तै की हैं इंसान के मौत की जगह

I have heard that some good people
have determined the birthplace of God.
Right below a destroyed dome.

What decision will you bury me underneath?
Where have you determined
a place for a human to die


I had decided not to write about the Babri Masjid verdict, finding my words inadequate.
Thank you, Nadi.


Ellie said...

Where will I end up? What is certain: no one will dispute over it / me in years to come. x

Anonymous said...

nadi writes just as beautifully as you do