Friday, October 16, 2009


It is Diwali, a time for family. Last night, I was homesick and told my sis so. Actually, I whined about this being the third Diwali that I was away from home.
Her reply put things in perspective for me.
I AM home, she said.  In the home that The One and I are making together. And maybe next time, we will visit each other, or not. But we will all still celebrate Diwali at home.

And today morning, I was talking to my colleagues of weekend plans.
I was asked," So, who do you have at home?"
The automatic response of 'my mother and my sister' was followed by 'my sister's family. and my woh. and his family.'

Happy Diwali. And much peace and happiness to all those who define 'home' for you.

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Anonymous said...

yes, Chicu; happiness and peace.