Tuesday, October 6, 2009

lemons = lemonade?

Had a 14 hour day, all of which was spent working on a project that I am not super keen on. In fact, if it was a personal decision, I would not do it.
But anyway..
On my way back I was looking forward to three things with surprising intensity:

1. A hot bath (bucket bath, but pleasurable nonetheless)
2. eating a papaya that I had left gently ripening on my table, and that should have been perfect when i reached home
3. surfing the net while eating- a little scrabble, a little keeping in touch with friends, a little reading..

well, the best-laid plans of mice and women and all that.

My boiler wasn't working. Then I discovered that it didn't matter, because there was no water. In the 14 hours that I had been away, my papaya had gone from hard and green-tinged to a pile of mould-covered mush. And yes, the net connection had crashed too.

What did I do?
well, I saved a liter or so of water from the pipes..enough to drink, and for coffee tomorrow. Quenched thirst. Had a sponge bath using one glass of that precious water. Added eucalyptus oil to the washcloth for warmth. Oiled my hair. End result? Not too bad, if you don't look at the still-grimy feet. Disconnected the modem, and took the phone to bed. Called mum and the One. And it was good.

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Anonymous said...

the broken boiler didn't matter because there was no water

one has so many of these didn't matters..

don't know what i'm saying.

you say the deepest things in the funniest way