Friday, October 23, 2009

Himalayan Villages

This is where I was last weekend..
At Sonapani, near Sitla. And I could go on and on with the descriptions, or I can sum it up as Paradise.

the Gates..

the view from my cottage..

Peach trees and cropped lawns..
The scenery was perfect, as you can see..But there was more. There was comfortingly good food..what sort of food? the 'home-cooked by a really, really talented and generous mum' sort. and a lot of warmth and fun and cheer. And there were mornings spent watching the sunrise touch Nandakot-Nandadevi-Panchchuli. The surprise of seeing ChauKhamba unexpectedly. Walking in the pine forest. magical mornings with the mountains as witness. The incredible range of wildlife that Sonapani supports- from pollinators to predators.

go there. There is no place more breathtaking.


nadi said...

am sure everbody will be shocked i don't know this but

what is ChauKhamba?

... nice pictures, as always.

chicu said...

Chaukhamba is a peak with four 'edges' to it..looks like a fortress. Here is a link to a good picture of it..

Anonymous said...

Its my favourite place too!!!!
A true paradise...

chicu said...

you have been there!
it is truly magical, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Its home for Tara and me...and yes..magical is the word for it...
The one knows us...say hello to him.

chicu said...

and i will