Tuesday, October 6, 2009

um..a compliment

I was walking along the street, and met a colleague walking the other way. We smiled and were about to pass each other when he did a double take.

HE (pointing in the general direction of my um..collarbones): Nii-iice!!
I: ?!
HE: I meant your um..um..your...um..your necklace!
HE (much relieved): Yes, yes. Your necklace. It is nice.
I (with a straight face): um..thank you

I waited for him to pass before breaking into the broadest smile ever and continuing my walk with just a little more spring in my step.

Balconette bras- nii-iice!

1 comment:

nadi said...

helps to have nice clavicles.

thank god, you Were wearing a necklace
the necklace that came to your colleagues rescue.