Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A conversation

ME: You've finally arrived! welcome! I am so glad!
(THEY preen)
ME(annoyed tone): But you took your time, didn't you? You should have come three weeks ago!
THEY: Look, It was too cold for us. Anyway, it wasn't the right time.
ME(petulantly): But I wanted you when the Mian was still here!
THEY(scornfully): Listen to yourself! You preach to the world about environmental flow regimes and then want us to accommodate your Mian's travel schedules! And your whims, we might add..
ME: but.. but..
(slinks away)

My basil just sprouted. Am already planning pasta with tomato sauce, toasted pine nuts. strewn with fresh, fragrant, green-ness.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Have been trying to grow this favourite herb for the last three years in Doon without success. On the other hand, it just pops up every year on its own amidst the bajri on a friend's drive!! Apni apni kismet..

Anonymous said...

Wish JR could do something about the Ganga Expressway too.

Anonymous said...


we took our time, but plan to be around when your Mian comes home.

Grumpy Granny said...

I, too, love basil. It will be planted in the garden shortly for summer time bliss!