Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The mating season

No worries, people. This is still a UA-rated (that’s PG for you MPAA fans) blog. However, this is not a UA world. Spring is coming to Dehradun these days and pretty much everything has only one thing on its mind. As Terry Pratchett said in Monstrous Regiment, this is the time when all the world is shouting ‘have sex with me! I can make my chest big and red!’.

There are fruit trees blossoming here- lychees and mangoes- scenting the air with their heady and unabashedly sexy aroma. The birds make me laugh as they fight for space on vent pipes and bare trees- all to display their charms to the best possible effect. And the birdsong! Around our house it’s mostly the magpie robins and the red-vented bulbuls. But they are there in magnificent numbers and even more magnificent enthusiasm.

There is a pair of pups that I am friends with. While at first I would only tolerate them, I have become extremely fond of them since I returned from UP. During the fortnight he was alone in Dun, they would greet my Mian every day with much joy . Well, one of them is pregnant. Now she has disappeared, presumably to care for her pups, and the other has hit the dating scene far from home. I miss them on my sabzi-shopping rounds.

And in a fortnight my Mian leaves. I will miss him on my sabzi-shopping rounds too..

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Anonymous said...

and the pups won't be the only people the Mian is going to miss..