Thursday, March 18, 2010

I, Navigator

What I like about the Mian-and-C partnership is that we are so gloriously complementary. I cook, he bakes. I oversalt, he undersalts. Statistically speaking, we are perfect.

And this is extremely obvious when it comes to a sense of direction. I consider Brownian motion to be a valid navigation technique, Mian is a geographer who goes through this world with a precise sense of his location at any given time. (He also gives directions like 'go north-northwest from pt A for 200mts before turning southeast..' but that's a whole different story, and how could you not love a man like that?)

But this sense of direction meant that I was pretty relaxed when the two of us set off to Delhi Airport and our driver S confessed that he 'approximately knew the road to Delhi, but not how to enter the city or where to go once he enters it.' As I have said, my Mian knows his roads.

He however was worried about how S&I would be able to find my way back home. I got thoroughly coached in the route from the Delhi Airport to our little corner of the world. Several times. Till even I felt reasonably sure I could get back without taking the scenic tour. Despite that, when Mian told me to mail him when I reached home, I couldn't resist saying "Or if we end up in Jaipur instead, I'll just send you a postcard."

Anyways, we reached the airport in good time. S stalled while Mian and I hugged our goodbyes and sorted out our luggage. And then, I got in the car to go home. Only instead of going ahead to the exit, S tried to make a u-turn on a one-way drive, got stuck, set a dozen cars honking and screeching, and attracted all the security guards in the vicinity. So much for establishing our competence as a driver-navigator team in Mian's eyes.

But this meant that instead of getting teary-eyed over a farewell, Mian and I were laughing till our sides ached.

And yes, S&I did manage to get onto the Delhi-Jaipur highway, but fortunately managed to get back on the right track before we came across any vendor of Rajasthani postcards!


Anonymous said...

and here i was imagining a hindi movie type farewell..ah! well haha

Anonymous said...

the topic of conversation is kept to directions,
then the resorting to sorting of the luggage during the hugs.

this pair is so much in love.
and goodbyes, as a cabbie he has see many, are always sad.

this pair is almost in tears.
this calls for drastic action,
S decides

and makes a U-turn in a one-way drive.


Anonymous said...

Chin up, Chicu..listen to this little gem:

Anita said...

I remember not what I was searching when I found your blog,likely, some tree names? I think it was Himalayan Wild Cherry, yes, that is it!

I love what this blog is! Happy to have found you.

What is the season for sour cherries? I would love to lay my hands on some. I am suggesting some for the tourism property at Naukuchiatal but that will be a while... :-)