Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cooking notes

Confession: I come from a long line of good and fiercely proud cooks and count among my friends good and equally proud cooks, all of who belong to the Mrs. Beeton school of cooking (to make rabbit stew, first catch the rabbit). I, most unworthy person that I am, did the unthinkable. I bought me a packet of instant dosa mix. But I made the dosas, and they turned out fine, and I am totally unrepentant (though skulking in shame).

What I learnt: Onions are slippery little devils. Especially when one is trying to grate them, they have a tendency to leap away and cause the cook to grate her fingers instead. But no worries. Blood has been traditionally used to thicken sauces, has it not?


Tara said...

Chicu, you would not believe how much I miss you.

Rangoo said...

Where did you buy the instant dosa mix from?

me said...

It's MTR's dosa mix, and very nice too..