Wednesday, December 10, 2008

games people play

One thing I love about Dehradun is the way the men here play board games. On the roadside one unexpectedly comes across groups of men intent on a game that I last played in my childhood. Very endearing. Near my house is a chess club. There is a place where the road has wide shoulders, and every evening there are groups of people sitting and playing chess. They store stools in a nearby shop, and their site is conveniently close to a chaiwallah. Generally 2-3 games are in progress, but on weekends there can be more- and the games also have spectators.

Another such institution is at a share-taxi stand close to my vegetable market. They have a carrom board, with a custom-built stand. Apparently, the drivers who are waiting for their turn to take passengers play carrom.

One game I did not recognize. It was being played by some truck drivers under their truck. They had drawn some concentric circles (4-5, am not sure), and divided them into sectors. They had some pebbles which were being used as markers. Does anyone know what game it is? Is it a variation of pacheesi?

I find myself doing the same. I play scrabble (real scrabble, not online) more often, attempt more crossword puzzles, write more, read more. I like it.

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and i want to read more of what you write; i like it.