Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the white-capped water redstart

If one bird could sum up for me the whole feeling of living and working in the Himalayan foothills, this would be it. I first saw it at Harshil and was enchanted by the cheeriness of the bird. And then again, I saw it at Deval. for me, it is now linked with field trips, with himalayan rivers, with environmental flows, and with solitary walks in the cold. And when I discovered its name! such a long name for an absurd little clown!


Anonymous said...

has the photograph been taken by you?


Tara said...

I think you do a disservice to a bird that could win a medal for the beauty of it's colour blocked coat:)
Or maybe I'm just another absurd little clown as well :)

anu said...

wow Chicks! you r a born writer... when engineering gets monotonous.. u can be a full fledged writer