Friday, December 26, 2008


So you have seen more dramatic photos of the Himalayas.For that matter, you have probably seen more dramatic photos of construction sites. but the composition is not the point. The point is that I Was There. I was there, sitting on top of a water tank and watching those mountains as if they would disappear if I turned away.


Tara said...

'Drama' is over-rated. This is a photograph from life.

"...a goddess with a hundred faces, who, unlike the stone emblems of Vishnu and the shrouded rock in Mecca, took on a different guise with every change and chance of weather and season, and each hour of every day. A gleaming flame in the dawn light and a blaze of silver at mid-day. Gold and rose in the sunset, lilac and lavender in the dusk. Livid against the storm clouds or dark against the stars. And in the midst of the monsoon, withdrawing herself behind veil after veil of mist and the steel-grey curtain of the rain."

Find this book. Read it in the open under a pine tree in the spring with a mug of tea and a lover waiting.

Anonymous said...

"as if they would disappear if i turned away."

are such lines on this blog available for plagiarism into one's work?


me said...

it's not plagiarism if you do it..